Travel Melbourne to Brisbane

Melbourne to Brisbane 12 days

Enjoy a coastal drive where you can see beautiful beaches, breathtaking landscapes and discover vibrant cities. Once you arrive in the Blue Mountains area you can book a trolley tour which will show you the best spots on the mountains. In Port Macquarie you can get adventurous with trail rides, cruises and bungee jumping. Taste the world's largest variety of tropical fruit at Tropical Fruit World, on your way to Surfer's Paradise. The skypoint climb in Surfer's Paradise gives you a bird's eye view from the top of a skyscraper, this is the highest external building climb in Australia, so if you're not afraid of heights you will love this adventure. Your holiday ends in the vibrant capital city of Queensland, Brisbane. Here you can visit Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary where you can actually hold a koala and feed and touch the kangaroos.

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Day 1: Melbourne
Day 2: Melbourne - Albury
Day 3: Albury - Canberra
Day 4: Canberra - Sydney
Day 5: Sydney - Newcastle
Day 6: Newcastle - Port Macquarie
Day 7: Port Macquarie - Coffs Harbour
Day 8: Coffs Harbour - Byron Bay
Day 9: Byron Bay - Surfers Paradise
Day 10: Surfers Paradise
Day 11: Surfers Paradise - Brisbane
Day 12: Brisbane


Location: Fruit Market- Tropical Fruit World | Photographer: Murray Waite & Associates  | Copyright: Tourism Queensland

Itinerary: Day 9

Tropical Fruit World

Have you ever heard of the chocolate pudding fruit or the lemon meringue fruit? What about an ice cream bean or the banana bubble gum fruit? The Tropical Fruit World is a unique experience for the whole family where you get to tast, smell and touch various exotic tropical fruits from all around the world.

Location: Queensland, Giold Coast | Photographer: name | Copyright: Tourism Australia

Itinerary: Day 10

SkyPoint Climb Day

Take advantage and climb up the world's largest residential building to see an amazing view of the Gold Coast Skyline. The climb will take you to a height of 270 metres above the sea level and if you are brave enough you can walk along the edge of the building and experience the thrill of a 270 m sheer drop.

Location: name | Photographer: name | Copyright: name

Itinerary: Day 12

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Enjoy a day in Australia's largest Koala Sanctuary with over 130 Koalas. In this world first sanctuary you'll be able to get up close with the animals, cuddle a koala or hand feed a kangaroo. There are plenty of animals both native and exotic to see at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary.



Discover the beauty of Melbourne, the capital city of Victoria, and get to know what makes it such a special place to visit.

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