Travel from Adelaide to Sydney

Adelaide to Sydney 14 days

This 14 day trip will take you from one major city to another. You'll experience the nature of Australia on one of the world's most scenic coastal drives, the Great Ocean Road. With lots of waterfront activities, Portland is a perfect destination to relax and have fun. Take a self-guided historic building walk and learn about Portland's rich history. For an adventurous day try the Otway Fly Treetop Walk where walkways have been built in the trees, giving you great views and a real adrenaline rush. When you get to Melbourne, visit the always vibrant Queen Victoria Market where you will find a wide range of products or for the greatest view over this amazing city visit the Eureka Skydeck 88. Australia's capital city, Canberra, has beautiful architecture and a lot of family activities, it is a city everyone will love. Spend a day visiting the National Zoo and Aquarium and then end this great self drive holiday in vibrant Sydney where you can't go passed a visit to the Opera House and experience dining in world famous Sydney Harbour.

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Day 1: Adelaide
Day 2: Adelaide - Cape Jaffa
Day 3: Cape Jaffa - Mount Gambier
Day 4: Mount Gambier – Portland
Day 5: Portland
Day 6: Portland - Princetown
Day 7: Princetown - Cheapa Campa Bay
Day 8: Cheapa Campa Bay
Day 9: Cheapa Campa Bay - Melbourne
Day 10: Melbourne
Day 11: Melbourne - Albury
Day 12: Albury - Canberra
Day 13: Canberra
Day 14: Canberra - Sydney


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Itinerary: Day 1

Coorong Wilderness Eco Cruise

Go and see the beautiful wilderness of the Coorong. It is one of the most ecologically important wetlands in Australia and well known for the beautiful white sand dunes and Aboriginal history. Get on the Cruise and experience a place of untouched Australian wilderness.

Location: Portland | Photographer: Robert Blackburn/Rob Blackburn | Copyright: Great Ocean Road Marketing

Itinerary: Day 5

Cape Bridgewater

See one of the highest coastal cliffs in the entire State of Victoria. Once a volcanic island, Cape Bridgewater is now joined to the mainland by calcified sand dunes. You can also relax on the stunning beaches covered with white sand and blue water, this is the perfect location to get your camera out and take some photos.

Location: Otway Fly | Photographer: Ken Stepnell | Copyright: Tourism Victoria

Itinerary: Day 8

Otway Fly Treetop Walk

The Treetop Walk is a great thing to do if you are in Cheapa Campa Bay. You'll walk 25 metres above the rainforest floor and get to enjoy the warm temperatures and impressive views along walk.

Location: melbourne, Eureka Skydeck 88 | Photographer: name | Copyright: Tourism Victoria

Itinerary: Day 10

Eureka Skydeck

Have you ever wanted to reach for the sky? Now in Melbourne you'll get that chance. See an impressive panoramic view of Melbourne like no other from the Southern Hemisphere's highest viewing platform.

Location: Sydney Aquarium | Photographer: Craig Kershaw | Copyright: Photo:Craig Kershaw. Courtesy Destination New South Wales

Itinerary: Day 13

National Zoo & Aquarium

Go see Australia's only combined Zoo & Aquarium, you'll get to see two attractions in one! Spend a great day at the Zoo seeing native and exotic animals.


The Great Ocean Road

Get a preview of the world's most incredible coastal drives along the Great Ocean Road, and see the nature and the wildlife you'll experience on your way from Adelaide to Sydney.

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