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Why not start your holiday in one of the Australia's major cities: Adelaide, Brisbane, Broome, Darwin, Melbourne, and Perth .

Adelaide to Sydney

Location: Flinders Ranges and Outback | Photographer: Milton Wordley | Copyright: South Australian Tourism Commission

Length: 14 days

Distance: 2,021 km

This 14 day trip will take you from one of Australias most livable cities to another. You’ll experience the nature of Australia on one of the world’s most scenic coastal drives - The Great Ocean Road.

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Brisbane to Cairns

Location: Brisbane skyline and river | Photographer:  | Copyright: Tourism Queensland

Length: 10 days

Distance: 1,822 km

Probably the most popular road trip in Australia, drive along the beautiful northeast coast from Brisbane to Cairns and see the beaches, nature and wildlife of Australia whilst enjoying the tropical weather on offer.

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Brisbane to Sydney

Location: name | Photographer: name | Copyright: name

Length: 8 days

Distance: 969 km

The Brisbane to Sydney trip is perfect to get to know the beauty of the southeast coast. Enjoy the great weather while you visit one of Brisbane's famous weekend markets, relax on the stunning beaches or enjoy a spot of shopping on the Gold Coast.

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Broome to Darwin

Location: Indigenous experiences, Northern Territory | Photographer: James Fisher | Copyright: James Fisher/Tourism Australia Copyright

Length: 8 days

Distance: 1,959 km

Explore the road from Broome to Darwin with the stunning landscape of the Kimberly region of northwest Australia and get touched by Darwin the city well known as a tropical oasis, located on Australia’s northern coastline.

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Darwin to Adelaide

Location: Indigenous experiences, Western Australia | Photographer:James Fisher  | Copyright:James Fisher/Tourism Australia Copyright

Length: 17 days

Distance: 3,890 km

Do a road trip straight through Australia and explore the endless Outback. On your way, you’ll discover tropical Darwin, pass by the mining town of Coober Pedy and see world famous Ayers Rock!

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Darwin to Perth

Location: name | Photographer: name | Copyright: name

Length: 20 days

Distance: 5,353 km

Explore Western Australia and drive along its beautiful coastline. Western Australia is famous for it's long days of sunshine, spotless blue skies and brilliant beaches and is the perfect place for a summer holiday.

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Melbourne to Brisbane

Location: Vic; Melbourne; Yarra River; | Photographer: Adam Bruzzone  | Copyright: Tourism Australia Copyright

Length: 12 days

Distance: 1940km

On this trip you’ll drive along the east coast where you can see beautiful beaches, stunning nature and vibrant cities, all waiting for you to discover.

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 Perth Round Trip

Location: Aboriginal man playing the didgeridoo at dawn, in Kings Park Botanic Gardens | Photographer: | Copyright:Tourism Western Australia

Length: 10 days

Distance: 2,158 km

Explore the city sights of Western Australia and do a Perth Roundtrip. Enjoy the beautiful weather, nature, culture and atmosphere you’ll experience during this trip.

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