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Ready to explore Australia without blowing your budget? Our budget campervan hire options offer the perfect solution for travellers wanting big adventures without the big price tag. Our well-equipped and reliable campervans provide all the freedom and excitement of a road trip, at prices that won't break the bank. Whether it's a short weekend getaway or an epic cross-country journey, we've got the ideal ride for you. Kick off your budget-friendly adventure with us today!


Why Hire a Cheapa Campa for your next campervan road trip

Discover Affordable Rates

Enjoy budget-friendly pricing that lets you tailor your trip to your budget, tastes and preferences. 

Cruise in Well-Equipped Campers

Travel comfortably with fully-equipped campervans that have everything you need.

Flexible Booking Options

Book online, by phone, or in person, making it easy to plan your adventure.

Pet Friendly

Bring along your furry friend for the adventure with our pet-friendly campervan hires.


Budget-friendly must-dos on your next camper road trip

Embark on a budget-friendly campervan road trip and explore Australia’s national parks, visit iconic landmarks, and relax on stunning beaches without breaking the bank. Discover hidden gems and enjoy scenic drives, all while cooking your own meals in your campervan's kitchenette. Visit local markets for fresh produce and unique souvenirs, camp under the stars at low-cost sites, and connect with locals for insider tips on the best affordable spots. Capture lasting memories of your adventure with plenty of photos along the way.

Check out our favourite affordable things to do in cool places around Australia.


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The Best Free Camping Spots in New South Wales.

Are you ready to discover the beauty of New South Wales from the comfort of a campervan without spending a fortune on accommodation? Yep. We thought so. Whether you're drawn to the sun-kissed beaches, lush national forests, or serene riversides, there's an Australia free camping area nearby to park your campervan in NSW. Ready to explore some of the most stunning and budget-friendly camping spots in the state? Let’s dive in.


Why you should go freedom camping in New South Wales

New South Wales has become known for its stunning oceans and safe swimming beaches, but in reality, there is so much more to this state. From the surf-friendly beaches of Byron Bay to the rugged bushlands of the Blue Mountains and the rural Outback towns tucked away on its inner limits, freedom camping in NSW lets you immerse yourself in these stunning landscapes up close. 

The best part? Not only does van travel allow you to explore Australia’s diverse landscapes on a budget, but it also gives you the flexibility to create an Australia road trip and itinerary that suits you. Whether you take a detour to less trodden paths like the misty trails of the Barrington Tops, wander the secluded coves along the Sapphire Coast or wake up to the sounds of the bush—freedom camping in NSW is the perfect chance to steal a little solitude and connect with nature away from the usual tourist trails.


Things to think about when freedom camping in New South Wales

Want to know how to travel Australia cheaply on your road trip across Australia? In short—add a little freedom camping to your road trip itinerary planner. The catch? There are a few freedom camping Australia rules that you will need to follow to ensure that freedom camping in NSW stays free. 

Image: Lachlan Gardiner


Legalities and regulations

When it comes to freedom camping in NSW, understanding where you can legally camp is paramount. While many areas welcome freedom campers, some spots require permits, and others are completely off-limits to preserve local wildlife and vegetation. For example, in the Royal National Park, you'll need to book designated campgrounds in advance, while in the Murray Valley National Park, dispersed camping might be allowed with specific conditions. Always check the latest information with local councils or through reliable online resources like NSW National Parks to ensure you're following the freedom camping Australia rules and helping to maintain these natural spaces for future visitors.


Leave no trace

Adopting Leave No Trace principles is non-negotiable when freedom camping in Australia. This means everything you bring in, you must take out—leaving the site exactly as you found it, if not better. This long-standing Aussie practice is crucial in sensitive environments (like the Myall Lakes in NSW) where the ecosystem is particularly fragile. Keep fires contained (if they're allowed at all), and always use existing fire rings. And, of course, dispose of waste properly and take advantage of your self-contained campervan and its portable waste disposal system if you're venturing into more remote areas.


Safety precautions

Never underestimate the Australian wilderness. Inform someone of your van travel itinerary, especially if you're heading into remote areas like the Outback near Broken Hill. Weather in these areas can change rapidly, so pack for all conditions. Essential safety gear for freedom camping in NSW includes a first-aid kit, a means to purify water, and, if possible, a satellite phone or an emergency beacon, especially in areas with poor mobile reception.


Accessibility and amenities

In case it needs to be said — don’t expect luxury when you’re camping for free. Many of Australia’s freedom camping sites offer minimal facilities, so prepare to be self-sufficient. For instance, while the Bendeela Camping and Picnic Area provides basic toilet facilities, you won't find showers or electric hook-ups. It’s wise to bring along enough water, food, and other essentials. Some sites, like the remote areas in the Warrumbungle National Park, might not have any amenities at all, emphasising the need for complete self-reliance.


Wildlife awareness

Interacting with native wildlife is part of the adventure of freedom camping in NSW, but it must be done responsibly. A few things you can do to help are to store food securely to avoid attracting animals, especially in areas known for curious critters. Also, be cautious during dusk and dawn when wildlife is most active, and always keep a safe distance, particularly from snakes and spiders that you might encounter in bushland areas.

Image: Lachlan Gardiner


What’s the best way to explore New South Wales?

When it comes to truly experiencing the breadth and beauty of New South Wales, travelling in a Cheapa campervan offers unmatched freedom and flexibility. A campervan not only provides a means of transportation but also a comfortable place to stay, allowing you to spontaneously choose your destinations and stay longer in places you love without worrying about hotel bookings and packing and unpacking. Moreover, with the ability to carry your essentials and self-contained options —including food, camping gear and water— you can choose to explore remote areas that are often unreachable with traditional travel methods. This freedom to roam is ideal for adventurers looking to explore Australia at their own pace and experience the ‘real’ side of NSW. 


The top 5 best freedom camping spots in New South Wales

Ready to set up camp? Here are five of the best freedom camping spots in New South Wales where you can park your campervan and enjoy stunning nature for free. These sites offer a mix of beachfront views, bushland settings, and easy access to outdoor activities, making them perfect for any road trip itinerary planner.


1. Delicate Campground, Crescent Head

Located within Goolawah National Park and just a stone's throw from the quaint coastal village of Crescent Head, Delicate Campground offers direct access to the stunning Delicate Beach. This site is about a five-hour drive from Sydney, making it an ideal weekend getaway spot for city dwellers. The campground itself features basic amenities like pit toilets and picnic tables, but its real charm lies in its proximity to surfing spots and walking trails that showcase the area’s natural beauty.

Campervan travellers will have ample parking space at the campground, allowing easy access to the beach and nearby nature trails. Whether you’re into surfing, fishing, or just lounging on the beach, Delicate Campground provides a serene setting to enjoy these activities amidst breathtaking coastal scenery.


2. The Ruins Campground, Booti Booti National Park

About a 3.5-hour drive from Sydney, The Ruins Campground in Booti Booti National Park offers campers a fantastic base to explore the local area. Nestled between the vast expanse of Seven Mile Beach and the serene Wallis Lake, this campground is a haven for water sports lovers. You can swim, fish, paddle, or simply soak in the panoramic views of the lake and ocean.

The best part? This campground is equipped with drinking water, rubbish bins, flush toilets, hot showers, and barbecue facilities, making it a comfortable option for those looking for extra creature comforts on their van travel adventure. With direct access to both the beach and the lake, it’s a popular spot, so booking in advance is recommended.  


3. Bendeela Camping and Picnic Area, Kangaroo Valley

Nestled in the lush surroundings of Kangaroo Valley, about a two-hour drive from Sydney, the Bendeela Camping and Picnic Area offers a serene riverside escape. This Australia freedom camping site is renowned for its picturesque setting and abundant wildlife, including wombats and kangaroos, which roam freely around the area. Facilities include basic amenities such as toilets and picnic tables, catering to those who prefer a more rustic camping experience. 

The proximity to the Kangaroo River means you can engage in activities like kayaking and swimming, while nearby hiking trails offer panoramic views of the valley. This spot is perfect for travellers looking for freedom camping in NSW, where they can immerse themselves in nature without straying too far from urban comforts.


4. Depot Beach Campground, Murramarang National Park

Approximately a 3.5-hour drive from Sydney, Depot Beach Campground lies in the heart of the lush Murramarang National Park. Nestled under the canopy of towering rainforest trees, this campground provides direct access to the secluded Depot Beach. It is also just a short drive from the famous Pebbly Beach, known for its resident kangaroos. 

Facilities at this campground include hot showers, toilets, and barbecue pits —and even offer powered sites— for that touch of convenience amidst the wild. What’s more, the surrounding area is perfect for snorkelling and hiking and offers ample opportunity to soak up the rich biodiversity, with frequent sightings of local wildlife.


5. Gum Bend Lake, Condobolin

Gum Bend Lake is a hidden gem located just 4 km west of Condobolin, roughly a 5-hour drive from Sydney. This man-made lake is a popular destination for water sports enthusiasts and bird watchers. The area offers all the Australia freedom camping favourites, including picnic tables, barbecue areas, and public showers/toilets, making it a convenient spot for day trips and longer stays. 

The lake's calm waters are ideal for water skiing, canoeing, and fishing, while the surrounding parklands provide scenic routes for walking and bird-watching. This Australia freedom camping spot is perfect for those looking to enjoy a peaceful retreat away from the city's hustle and bustle.

Image: Lachlan Gardiner


Think camping in NSW sounds like fun?

Exploring New South Wales in a campervan offers endless adventures. From swimming in the pristine beaches of the coast to hiking through the rugged landscapes of the bush, NSW has something for every type of traveller. Think camping in NSW sounds like fun? You can book your Cheapa camper online and start planning today. Then, all that is left to do is pick it up from any Cheapa branch before setting off on your road trip through New South Wales. Your Australia freedom camping adventure awaits!


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