Ultimate Motorhome Holiday Competition Entry

Submitted by Tanya van Nieuwburg of Australia
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we're dreaming of a sunfilled sea dreached holiday for 4

Our kids have left home. Our friends kids have left home. Now its our turn to leave home.
We'd LOVE to hire 2 campervans and travel from Brisbane up the coast, over to Darwin (and visit our first Grandchild, to be born in October) .
We dream of warm weather, lots of sunshine, pulling into a camping ground in the evening and sitting with a bottle of wine watching the sun go down over a glorious bay.
Just us and another couple, someine to share the awesomeness of the country with, someone to shop with while the boys go and play golf together...
Who knows what treasures and scenes we will find. Just to get in the vans and go at our own leisure and stop when we want just sounds soooo good.
That's our dream, if you could make it a reality that would be just the bestest :)

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