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Submitted by Hein Dornbrack of Australia
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South Africa vs the Aussies (off the field)

In 2008 I lost part of my family (my sister, brother and my two nephews) when they left South Africa for Australia. I can remember short after they left on of our newspaper headings were : “800000 SA’s have immigrate”. Yes they are going to start all over again and are just leaving us. Why? What's so special about Australia? Why would they do it? I hate Australia. I hate Australia.

For years I loved it when we played Rugby against the Ozzies but now it is no longer just a rugby match it is war - "you took my family!"

I love South Africa the African soil, the sunset, sunrises, the people and the beer! (Why would they leave?) We often go camping and go on various road trips. This too me is what a real holiday resemble - not hotel rooms and caviar - no no no no - Road trips, caravans, braai vleis (barbeque), family time and being one with nature! Wonderful!

 I will NEVER go and explore Australia – Never – especially not after they stole my family.

One often tells yourself that time will heal the pain especially when we have Sunday afternoon family lunches and they are just not there, or at every birthday celebration - they are deeply missed. I wonder if time will heal or will we just forget each other in 20 years?

Time healed the hate I had for Australia as I realised that it is not Australia I need to hate – I need to let go and allow people to explore and find themselves even if it means on another continent. They always tell us how great Melbourne is and that they are really enjoying it there. They will definitely become permanent residents – they are Australian – but they have not forgotten South Africa it will remain in their blood forever. (Maybe we must visit Australia?) No it is too expensive.

April this year we got GREAT news! Another addition to the family will arrive in January 2013!!! Yeah HAAA!!!! We cannot wait to meet our new cousin over Skype. Immediately the fear of flying and the huge cost to get there sounded not so frightening. We have to make a plan to get to Australia!!!

Last night we finalised our flights on Qantus and while planning the trip my husband and I started loving what we saw Australia has to offer. We are busy planning our dream trip for next year. Can you believe it - we love the place we used to hate? Emotion and age what a strange combination. But I hate hotels, we love camping and touring. We cannot travel to Australia with our tents. YEAH HAAHH - We can camp and explore Australia as a family because we found CheapaCampa!

Our dream holiday –We will start in Melbourne meet our new cousin on the 14 March 2013 and go nowhere except having good family catch up time for a week. On the 23rd March 2013 will fly to Cairns get our CheapaCampa 6 Berth to explore the Great Barrier Reef and the Green Island Tour. Spend a couple of days in Cairns and start our venture all the way down to Brisbane exploring Cardwell, Ayr, Airlie Beach, (hopefully Great Sandy National Park), Rockhampton, the Gold and Sunshine Coast until we reach Brisbane.  My dream is almost picture clear – we will explore Australia the way we explore South Africa. Road trips, caravans, braai vleis (barbeque), family time and being one with nature! Wonderful! Best of all, my Australian family will rent their 6 Berth and we will do it as one big family again with 6 (sorry 5, baby will be 2 months old) children running around and making lots of noise while we will have a good time with our brother and sister! Perfect! One cannot dream for more.



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