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Submitted by Beverley Jones of Australia
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No Worries!

Since retiring, our trips travelling round Australia and New Zealand have been the most memorable journeys we have ever made. From Cairns to Melbourne and then Perth back to Perth via the Red Centre and the Kimberley gave us a glimpse into the wilderness and vastness that is Australia.

Most of this was in a Motorhome fully supported by Cheapa Campa. The minor things that needed fixing were attended to straight away and there was always someone at the end of the phone with advice for a couple not known for their mechanical expertise! This gave us confidence when we ventured into the harsh landscape of the Red Centre and made our way from Port Augusta to Darwin in searing temperatures and frequently seeing few other vehicles except the odd road train all day.

We are two grey nomads with a spirit of adventure and oh boy, did we get it! Cairns to Melbourne showed us vast deserted beaches and inland and coastal rainforest. Our senses went into overload with the dizzying sights and sounds of ocean and the tropics. Great Ocean Road showed us the grandeur of rocks and sea whilst Eungella National park shared its secrets of wildlife in the mist-shrouded mountains. Melbourne and Sydney have to be two of the most welcoming and fun-loving cities in the world. Our first trip culminated here with a New Year’s boat trip from Circular Quay which showed the wonderful Aussies in supreme party mood. We made many new friends that night.

Our Western Australia trip covered 10,000 miles in eight weeks during which we experienced pristine wilderness and hidden gorges. Our self-sufficient vehicle allowed us to camp in bush  rest-areas and enjoy the camaraderie of one or two other vans. Being able to look up at the diamond-chipped sky with no light pollution was an added bonus. Travelling quickly through areas of intense grass burning set our hearts racing on occasions and contrasted with swimming in deserted waterholes – keeping an eye out for freshies of course! We had plenty of laughs too! One day a tiny mouse hitched a ride and despite our efforts to catch it, zipped up and down the van at the speed of light and then departed as quickly as it had arrived.

Everywhere we went we had a great welcome from the fiercely proud Aussies who were not above teasing their Pommie friends! Their terrific sense of national identity is humbling. From shopping in Sydney to rock carvings in the indigenous heartlands of Kakadu there is something for everyone in Australia and all seem to be welcome. For us, motor-homing is all about meeting new friends on the journey and the experience of a changing landscape – never knowing what the next day might bring.

What’s next? Saving our pennies to travel across the Top End along the Savannah Way from Cairns to Darwin (before we get too old!) or to visit the USA. Another visit to The Kimberley would also be great. Bring it on Cheapa Campa!

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