Ultimate Motorhome Holiday Competition Entry

Submitted by Deb McPherson of Australia
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A sightseeing trip to Perth before bringing out the competitive edge!

We would just love the opportunity to travel in style from Adelaide to Perth for a Competition event being held in April 2013. This would be a holiday to dream of doing, admiring the scenery along the way and experience the many and wonderous spectaculars that Australian roadways have to offer. To arrive rested without the frustration that long distance travel can cause would make the highlight of a Cheapa Campa holiday. I will be competing in events each day in Perth over 9 days and to have somewhere really cosy in our Cheapa Campa to lay our heads each night would be just fantabulous. Morning coffee only a step out of bed away with the smell of bacon and eggs to shortly follow while admiring the wonders from our private window views. All this and more, freewheeling on a Cheapa-Campa-budget-gotta-get-there-at-all-costs holiday.

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