The Gold Coast
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The Gold Coast is blessed with more than 60km of world class beaches, and for that reason it has received glowing praise from visitors and tourist operators alike. It is one of the best places on earth to explore from the comfort of one of our Campervan Rental vehicles.

Because of the vast stretch of ocean off the east coast of Australia the beaches are unprotected from storms and wild weather which sometimes rages across the coastline in the form of cyclones which come during the summer months. Luckily the beaches are patrolled by professional lifeguards all year round and during summer these numbers are beefed up by the volunteer surf lifesavers. Before you leave the safety of your campervan hire vehicle for the beach, make sure you are aware of these safety tips which can make your beach holiday an enjoyable and safe one.

Early each day the life savers check conditions on the beach and setup a set of flags to indicate which is the safest part of the beach to swim on. To avoid trouble we strongly advise you to always swim between the flags. If you swim between the flags you can feel safe knowing that you are under the watchful supervision of a highly trained and dedicated Gold Coast lifesaver. For safety reasons surfboard riders are not welcome between the flags. If you are taking a Campervans Australia holiday make sure you respect these local customs.

The following advice comes directly from the lifesavers : to stay safe simply remember F.L.A.G.S.

  • Find the flags
    The flags indicate the only area on the beach officially patrolled by lifesavers and lifeguards. They signify the safest spot to swim at the beach.

  • Look at the safety signs
    Safety signs are erected at beach access points and at the flagged areas. They will communicate potential dangers and daily conditions at the beach. Make sure you read these signs carefully before going swimming.

  • Ask a lifesaver
    Conditions in the surf can change quicker than most people realize. You may be in danger of strong currents, increased wave size and increased water depth. Talk to a lifesaver or lifeguard before entering the water.

  • Get a friend to swim with you
    To ensure your safety at the beach always get someone to swim with you. This way you can look out for each other's safety. Children should always be supervised.

  • Stick your hand up for help
    Stick your arm in the air to alert lifeguards to your location and need for assistance. While you are waiting for help do not struggle against the current or rip. Continue to float with your arm raised so the lifeguards can find and rescue you.

There are many beaches to choose from on the Gold Coast. It is worth your while travelling a little further to take advantage of these quieter, more inimate beaches if you prefer to stay away from crowds. Here is a short list of beaches we think you will enjoy on your Campervan Rental vacation.

Rainbow Bay (in Coolangatta)
Rainbow bay beach is a popular swimming beach for families and children as it is protected by a sheltered cove, and is patrolled during peak seasons. It is an ideal location for taking a stroll, taking a swim, or simply sunbathing.
It is a relaxed and welcoming suburb with a wide range of things to do, the whole family are sure to find something of interest.

Currumbin Beach
The views from Currumbin are impressive in all directions but families enjoy this beach for the gentle surf and rock pools located at either end of the beach. Currumbin Beach is well known for its clean, patrolled beaches.

The Broadwater (inside the shark nets)
Located on the northern end of the Gold Coast the Broadwater is protected from the open ocean by The Spit to the south and South Stradbroke Island to the north. A promenade snakes its way along the shore and is popular with people of all ages. A large children's play area is located at the Southport end and will keep the kids busy for hours.

A popular campsite is located beside the Broadwater parklands and provides a convenient base camp location for Campervan Hire holiday makers.

Burleigh Heads
With the headland and National Park to the South and Surfer's Paradise visible to the North, the area provides stunning scenery plus a range of interesting things to do and see. The National Park is open to visitors who can hike the 1.3 kilometre track which leads to the lookout on top of the headland. Ample street parking is provided, so why not take the campervan rental vehicle on a short trip down the coast and discover the beautiful beaches that wait for you there.

The Spit
This 5km sandy isthmus is relatively undeveloped compared to the rest of the Gold Coast. It is boarded by the Pacific Ocean to the east and the Broadwater to its west. While the eastern side has remained mostly undeveloped the western side has a number of major developments such as the Seaworld and Palazzo Versace. The area also has large open spaces with several dog exercises and picnic spots. There is an abundance of parking spaces on The Spit, making it an ideal cruising destination in your campervan hire vehicle.

Are there sharks?

The short answer is, yes. But your chances of running into a shark at the beach are very slim. The State Government manages a Shark Control Program with a range of measures such as nets and baited hooks, designed to keep sharks away from swimmers at beaches. This is in addition to a shark patrol by lifeguards who will alert swimmers if a shark is seen in the water.

This advice only applies to beach swimming. There are danger spots which should be avoided at all costs. Never jump into a lake, never swim in salt water estuaries away from the ocean, and never ever swim or paddle in any of the estate canals. Avoid swimming at dawn or dusk which is the time when sharks typically go hunting.

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