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Happy Camper Stories

Here are some stories that happy campers who have rented an Apollo vehicle in Australia want to share. Click on a listing to view the full story, images and videos if they have been included.

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  • Joy Stockton
    Outback Queensland
    In July 2011 we hired a Cheaper campa in Cairns for two weeks.  We had no set plans of where we wanted to go so we took the turn up onto the Atherton tablelands and headed west than north until we reached the Gulf.  Then we went south  to Cloncurry and across to Mount Isa before returning to Brisbane.  We had the most wonderful holiday and are looking forward to our next adventure travelling from Perth up to Broome in...
  • Daniel Hall
    12 Year Honeymoon
    My partner of 12 years and I have had our share of life dramas, separation and by an upcoming wedding finally!  Our dream (on a limited budget) is to see the wonderful Daintree and surrounding areas, by campervan.  We will leave the kids with Grandma, fly to Cairns (from Brisbane), and experience the sights and each other in the intimate comfort of a motorhome.  All part of our romantic apprenticeship for future retirement accomodation - yes thats right..touring australia...
  • Geoff Rodrigues
  • Larissa Gonzales Gomes
  • Herik Wilson Gonzales Gomes
  • Keely Knowles
    Much wanted parental supervision!
    Emigrating to Australia was the result of many years of preparation and planning for myself and my fiancé and our new life on the other side of the globe was everything we ever dreamed off. After over 2 years, we were well and truly settled but unfortunately, since we started to work almost immediately after arriving we hadn’t had the opportunity to venture further than Victoria and so much of our new country was unknown to us. Last November my parents...
  • Robyne Houchin
    Wishful thinking!
    We have plans to travel from Perth to Darwin next year and see as much as possible along the way.  We have some Japanese friends who would like to come with us because they want to see some of Western Australia. Our first attempt at motorhoming was in Queensland in 2011 and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves once we got the hang of it!!  A fantastic way to see Australia.
  • fiona nuske
    to the west of aussie we go
    The big day has finally come, we make it to the airport just in time to catch out flight to perth airport from melbourne with the kids in tow. Arriving at our destination we catch a taxi to the depot to pickup our much long awaited Chepa Campa for our first camper trip to see the sights and delights of western australia, the kids all cheering and checking out the features of the camper and arguing over whos sleeping where? with...
  • Jacqui Barnsley
    Inspiring Families to Road Trip Around Australia!
    The Barnsley’s love road tripping around Australia! In 2004 we drove as far and wide as our old Ute and vintage caravan would take us. We had the time of our lives! We benefitted as a family so much that we started our own blog to encourage and inspire other families to hit the road. Our blog has more than three thousand visitors each month!  Unfortunately we missed out on touring many places on our Australian road trip as we...
  • Hamish Englefield
    Eclipse honeymoon.....
    My fiance has just given birth, we are planning a wedding in September & there is a festival in Cairns with the chance of a life time to see a solar eclipse, where we would like to spend our honeymoon. When the time comes we would love to see this with our 6 month old little girl. To be able to share this moment in time & space would be such a wonderful way for us to start our family....
  • gary jenkins
    New Zealand 2010
    This is the best way to travel with your family. We all hired a motorhome from cheapa campa in auckland. Oh feel the serenity.
  • Rebecca Roberts
    Aussie trip
    My husband Brian and I hired a cheaper camper last year and did a trip from Brisbane up to north Queensland as far as Hervey Bay, and then back down to Melbourne visiting friends along the way, Our dream is to now travel around the whole coast of Australia visiting friends from Brisbane all the way around to Perth, Then up to Darwin just to have a look.
  • michael main
    Family Reunion in Perth
    Two years ago my older brother had the idea of a family reunion with our young brother Dave and his family who moved to Perth over 20 years ago.Our parents were over there on holiday and we planned a suprise visit and have the first full family reunion since they left England all those years ago.You can imagine their faces as we walked into the garden ! I honestly thought my mum would faint ! We had a tremendous trip...
  • Mark Darlington
    The other side
    Last year we embarked on a RTW trip with our two boys aged 12 and 9.  We spent 5 weeks in Australia and 5 weeks in New Zealand, most of that time was spent in a Cheapa Campa 6 berth camper van.  We had never hired a camper van before, but by the end of the Australia trip, we were well and truly hooked and ended up hiring again in New Zealand. Initially we were a bit apprehensive; first of all...
  • Raymond Weatherdon
    My Oz Trip
    This is the trip I took around Western Australia last year. I rented a chepacampa, put something like 13,000 K on it and had a blast.
  • Alison Ormsby
    Our Great Country
    my huband, myself and two children 9 and 11 would pick up our Cheapa Campa for the holiday of a lifetime, starting at our home base of Adelaide head towards the big Blue Lake in Mount Gambier the travel towards the Great Ocean Road with several stops on the way The Twelve Apostles, Otway National Park and zipfly the list goes on and on. stop ove in Mlebourne for a few nights the travel the coastal road to Sydney stopping...
  • megha sharma
    Road trip across Australia
    40 days and 40 nights across Cheapa Campa!!!  The coolest ride of my life started in late 2010 when me and my hubby decided that we wanted to see all of Australia before leaving the country for good ( we were both on student visas). As all students are, we were on a very tight budget. I have this nasty habit of bargain hunting till I drop dead. Thankfully, I didn't have to look long and finally found the best...
  • Patricia Malfair
    Aussie Dreams
    Ahhh to sleep per chance to dream, to dream to wake to find it true.  My family would be in seventh heaven with a motorhome trip in beautiful Australia.  It seems every year my husband and I take separate "duty visit" vacations to see family in far off places.  It is high time we had a family holiday all together, and Australia we are looking at you.
  • Bastien Ronneau
    hello my name is bastien and i can just say one thing. i just love the world it's like a playground for me  and i just like to see the world like australia greetz bastien
  • Mary & Geoff Mannion
    Motorhoming around the Great Aus.
    My husband and I love to rent a mobile home and in home away from home luxury travel the length and breath of Australia.We have enjoyed two very memorable jaunts in this fashion. One from Brisbane to Darwin and the other from Brisbane to 1770 and return.It is wonderful to chat away and rejuvenate your relationship away from every day stresses and worries on the great Aussie highways. This is what we plan to do when we retire.Can not wait. We...
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