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Here are some stories that happy campers who have rented an Apollo vehicle in Australia want to share. Click on a listing to view the full story, images and videos if they have been included.

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  • Rhidian John
    Melbourne to Perth
    Hi all. My name is Rhidian and im trying to see as much of Australia as possible in a year. I was meant to fly from Melbourne to Perth and the checked out van relocation deals and there was one there. So myself and my friend Rhys randomly decided to go for it.Id recommend this experience to anyone, we had an amazing time. We decided to do the Great Ocean Road on the way and saw some fab things, highlight...
  • Beverley Jones
    ‘You must be mad! What about all those big spiders?’ was the response we got from some people when we announced, on retiring, that we would be travelling round Australia and New Zealand in a campervan for 3 months then heading off to SE Asia to travel round by bus and train. Fortunately we didn’t take any notice (and didn’t see any big spiders) and headed off anyway for the trip of a lifetime! My two sons were our inspiration as...
  • Mike Molley
    The Big One
    At long last my best friend and me are going to visit that great land downunder. During our 42 years of marriage we have travelled a fair bit, 43 countries, but have never done the Big One, Australia.We are retired now and have the time to do it. We have booked a Cheapa Campervan with Apollo in Perth. When doing the research thay came out in front of all the other campervan hire companies and have given us a very...
  • Beverley Jones
    No Worries!
    Since retiring, our trips travelling round Australia and New Zealand have been the most memorable journeys we have ever made. From Cairns to Melbourne and then Perth back to Perth via the Red Centre and the Kimberley gave us a glimpse into the wilderness and vastness that is Australia. Most of this was in a Motorhome fully supported by Cheapa Campa. The minor things that needed fixing were attended to straight away and there was always someone at the end of the phone with advice...
  • Deb McPherson
    A sightseeing trip to Perth before bringing out the competitive edge!
    We would just love the opportunity to travel in style from Adelaide to Perth for a Competition event being held in April 2013. This would be a holiday to dream of doing, admiring the scenery along the way and experience the many and wonderous spectaculars that Australian roadways have to offer. To arrive rested without the frustration that long distance travel can cause would make the highlight of a Cheapa Campa holiday. I will be competing in events each day in...
  • Eleanor Welburn
    Much needed holiday
    myself and my partner work very hard-myself as a registered nurse and my partner as a contract labourer. I work shift work and he woks a3 week on and 6 day off roster. We have dreamed of traveling from Melbourne to Hobart and then up the east coast back to cairns for the past couple of years. We have both booked 3 weeks off work from 28th Jan 2013 -18th feb 2013 and decided to treat ourselves! On our holiday...
  • Jenny Croxson
    Ozzy Blokes (and Sheilas) - Australia's best attraction
    We arrived at Sydney airport shortly after breakfast some crazy amount of hours after leaving London.  We were tired, hot, disorientated, dragging much too much luggage and wondering just how we were to get to our accommodation in the centre of Sydney.  Whilst pondering the array of different buses, ticket machines and notices we were accosted by the “busman” who quickly found us the most cost effective method, led us to the bus and wished us a happy holiday.  He was so helpful and friendly and must surely...
  • Ted Barber
  • Ted Barber
  • Ted Barber
  • Hein Dornbrack
    South Africa vs the Aussies (off the field)
    In 2008 I lost part of my family (my sister, brother and my two nephews) when they left South Africa for Australia. I can remember short after they left on of our newspaper headings were : “800000 SA’s have immigrate”. Yes they are going to start all over again and are just leaving us. Why? What's so special about Australia? Why would they do it? I hate Australia. I hate Australia.For years I loved it when we played Rugby against...
  • Jonathan Taylor
    Tarkine Wilderness
    Went on a Tassie Tarkine Wilderness adventure with my girlfriend, looking to find the last community of Thylacine's reportedly hanging out near the Pieman.Didn't find the Tiger's, but instead the most diverse and amazing variety of fungi one could ever imagine.
  • Ted Barber
    The Nullabor
     My wife and I flew to Adelaide from Cairns and picked up our Camper van for a trip to Perth across the Nullabor, Along the way we met many friendly travellers and spent some pleasant evenings around the camp fire reliving our travels. A wonderful experience and adream come to, cross the Nullabor. From Perth we flew back to Cairns. We have now booked our next camper hire. Ted and Jan
  • Jillian Kiely
    July 2011: A Campervan Odyssey
    With hubby and our youngest son visiting family in Ireland, I decided to take our 9 year old son, Sean, away on a bit of a road-trip. Just the two of us, the open road, our sleeping bags, some two-minute noodles and our trusty 2 berth CheapaCampa Campervan. We were lucky to get an automatic Volkswagon for our trip which made it so easy for me. Being a first-time campervan driver, I was a little nervous about driving something so...
  • Fran O'Brien
    Uluru to Darwin
    My partner and I will be doing our first trip through the outback in just a couple of weeks.  We are very excied to be travelling this great country of ours in a Cheap Campa!   I'm sure it will live up to all of our expectations and that the sights and sounds we encounter along the way will live in our memories for many years to come.  We would love to win another holiday and thank you for the opportunity to participate. 
  • Emma Handford
    My partner and I have been together for 7 years, we have a beautiful 2 year old son and another on the way. We would love to travel Australia as a family of 4 as we beleive that this would be a great bonding experience for our son and new addition to the family. We love the outdoors and have lots of family scattered around Aus that we would love to visit and show bubs off to!
    Can't wait to get away
  • Lihen Spivey
    Dream Holiday
    I dream of showing my son, daughter, their partners and my little grandson this coming Christmas, the gorgeous sights and sounds of Tasmania.  They all live in New Zealand and are saving up frantically for their trips, but I know their savings will be very limited.  It would be wonderful to be able to say "here is your house on wheels" just go where the wind takes you and have the best time of your lives with the courtesy of...
  • Tanya van Nieuwburg
    we're dreaming of a sunfilled sea dreached holiday for 4
    Our kids have left home. Our friends kids have left home. Now its our turn to leave home.We'd LOVE to hire 2 campervans and travel from Brisbane up the coast, over to Darwin (and visit our first Grandchild, to be born in October) .We dream of warm weather, lots of sunshine, pulling into a camping ground in the evening and sitting with a bottle of wine watching the sun go down over a glorious bay.Just us and another couple, someine...
  • Stefan Seidl
    It was the best trip of my life. And of course with an cheapaCampa
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