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Cheapa campervan near beach at Sunshine Coast, QLD

Alyssa Tresider
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The Best Budget-Friendly Things to do in Sydney.

Whether you're a local or a budget-savvy traveler, we've got your back. This guide is here to spill the beans on the best cheap things to do in and around Sydney. From cool hidden spots to famous places, get ready for a cool ride through Sydney with Cheapa Campa. 


What is Sydney known for?

Think iconic Opera House stealing the skyline, Harbour Bridge connecting neighbourhoods with a killer view, and Bondi Beach bringing those Aussie beach vibes. But it's not just Insta-worthy; Sydney's a foodie's dream, from fresh seafood at the Fish Market to global bites in cool eateries. And when it's party time, Sydney knows how to kick back, with festivals turning the streets into one big fiesta. In a nutshell, Sydney is where sophistication meets laid-back charm.


What’s the best way to explore Sydney?

Ready to explore Sydney the easy way? The best way to do it is with a Cheapa Campa. Just pop over to the Cheapa Sydney branch, grab your keys, and you're good to roll. From checking out the Opera House to chilling at Bondi Beach, your Cheapa Campa makes exploring Sydney a breeze.


The best budget-friendly things to do in Sydney

We've cooked up a guide to the best budget-friendly adventures in the city – from iconic spots to hidden gems. So, let's dive in and discover how to make the most of Sydney without splashing the cash.

Image: Destination NSW


1. Explore the Royal Botanic Gardens

Just a quick 10-minute ride southeast from downtown Sydney, you'll find the Royal Botanic Garden – a chill nature escape. This place is like a burst of colour with flowers everywhere you look. Big trees throw some cool shade, making it a top spot for a laid-back day. And guess what? It won't cost you a cent. So, slide into those comfy kicks and get ready to vibe with the easy-breezy charm of the Royal Botanic Garden, where Sydney gets its chill on.


2. Discover The Rocks

Now, let's talk about a slice of Sydney's history – The Rocks. Just a hop, skip, and jump from the heart of the city, this area is like a time capsule of Sydney's past. Wander through these historic lanes, where every brick tells a story. The Rocks is more than just a neighbourhood, pop into the markets for some local finds or grab a brew at one of the cozy pubs. It's the perfect place to soak in Sydney's heritage without spending a bundle. And here's the bonus – parking is a breeze. Use the Clocktower Car Park, and you're set.


3. Enjoy the Bondi to Coogee walk

The Bondi to Coogee walk is iconic and it's just a short drive from the city – head east on Bondi Road until you hit the sandy shores of Bondi Beach. Get ready for a cruisy stroll along Sydney's epic coastline. This budget-friendly adventure covers about 6 kilometers, showing off iconic beaches, rock pools, and views that'll make your camera work overtime. And guess what? It won't cost you a cent – nature's gift to your Sydney adventure. When it's time to park your Cheapa, the Tamarama Beach Car Park is your spot.


4. Visit the Art Gallery of New South Wales

Time to explore some cool art at the Art Gallery of New South Wales. Check out this arty spot with a mix of Aussie, European, and Asian art – something for everyone, and guess what? It won't cost you a thing to check out the main collection. Whether you're an art fan or just want something different, the Art Gallery of NSW is where Sydney's creative side comes alive. 


5. Take the ferry to Manly beach

Time to add some sea breeze to your Sydney adventure – hop on the ferry to Manly Beach. Enjoy the harbour views as you cruise towards the laid-back vibes of Manly. It's not just a ride; it's a chance to see Sydney from a whole new perspective, passing iconic landmarks like the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. The best part? It's a budget-friendly joy with a one-of-a-kind view. And when you dock at Manly Wharf, you're in for a treat. Beautiful beaches, cool shops, and buzzing cafes await your exploration.

Tip: Parking at Circular Quay is easy, making the ferry adventure hassle-free. 


6. Experience the Sydney Harbour National Park

Time to ditch the city hustle for a nature escape at Sydney Harbour National Park. Jump into your Cheapa Campa and cruise to this coastal gem, just a short drive from Sydney's heart. Hit the walking trails for harbour views, hidden beaches, and awesome cliffs – all the good stuff. And guess what? Nature's the star, and getting into the park won't cost you a dime. Whether you're up for a bushwalk or just wanna chill by the water, Sydney Harbour National Park is your spot.


7. Check out the Sydney Fish Market

Time to treat your taste buds at the Sydney Fish Market – a seafood haven just a short drive from Sydney's heart. Grab your Cheapa Campa keys and head west to Pyrmont, where the seafood extravaganza awaits. Dive into a world of fresh fish, prawns, and oysters from local catches to international flavors, the market's got it all. Plus, the best part? You can pick up some goodies without splurging – perfect for a Cheapa-style feast. With parking available, loading up your Cheapa with the catch of the day is a breeze.


8. Walk along the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Time to wander on the Sydney Harbour Bridge – and guess what? It's just a short drive from the heart of Sydney. Lace up your comfy kicks, hit the walkway, and get ready for a stroll with a view. It's not your average walk – you've got the harbour, the Opera House, and the whole city skyline showing off. And the best part? It won't cost you a thing to enjoy this epic scene. 


9. Wander the Museum of Contemporary Art

Feeling a bit artsy? Swing by the Museum of Contemporary Art – it's a short ride from the heart of Sydney. Grab your Cheapa Campa keys, zip over to Circular Quay, and let the creativity flow. Step into a world of cool, quirky, and head-scratching art. It's not just for the artsy folks – it's for everyone. From mind-bending installations to exhibits that make you go, "Hmm," it's a blast. And guess what? Checking out the main collection won't cost you a dime. So, whether you're an art enthusiast or just curious, the Museum of Contemporary Art is your spot.


10. Relax at Darling Harbour

Time to relax by the water at Darling Harbour – just a quick ride from the city. Grab your Cheapa Campa keys, find a comfy spot, and enjoy the easy-breezy atmosphere. Darling Harbour is all about taking it easy – go for a walk, grab a coffee, or just sit back and enjoy the view. With parking available, your Cheapa adventure turns into a laid-back day by the water.

Image: Destination NSW


The best budget-friendly holiday parks in Sydney

Ready to dive into the best budget-friendly holiday parks in Sydney? Whether you're traveling with family, friends, or flying solo, we've rounded up the top spots where you can park your Cheapa Campa hire without breaking the bank.


NRMA Sydney Lakeside Holiday Park

Let's talk about a gem – the NRMA Sydney Lakeside Holiday Park. Nestled by the serene Narrabeen Lake, this spot is a budget-friendly haven just a hop, skip, and jump from the heart of Sydney. With facilities like BBQ areas, a camp kitchen, and access to water activities, it's the perfect base for your Sydney adventure. And the best part? It's budget-friendly, leaving you with more cash to explore the city.


Discovery Parks Lane Cove

Looking for a budget-friendly spot for your Cheapa Campa near Sydney? Discovery Parks Lane Cove is your go-to. Nestled in a green corner of the city, it's perfect for your campervan adventure. With BBQ spots, a camp kitchen, and Wi-Fi, it's comfy without burning a hole in your pocket. It's a short drive from the city, making it an ideal starting point for your Sydney adventure.


Ready to explore Sydney with Cheapa?

And that is your guide to budget-friendly bliss in Sydney! From iconic sights to laid-back parks, we've uncovered the best spots for an epic journey that won't break the bank. Ready to hit the road? Book your Cheapa Campa today and let the good times roll.

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