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Cheapa campervan near beach at Sunshine Coast, QLD

Alyssa Tresider
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The best budget-friendly things to do in Perth.

Perth, the capital of Western Australia, is calling for an adventure, and we've got the lowdown on the best places to check out without breaking the bank. From lush parks to cultural hotspots, we've crafted a guide to help you soak up all the good stuff. Let’s dive into some budget-friendly activities, discover hidden gems, and find that perfect spot to park your Cheapa Campa in Perth. Ready to hit the road? 


What is Perth known for?

Perth, the capital of Western Australia, is known for rocking the laid-back Aussie vibes. We're talking about clear blue skies, some of the best beaches around, and a buzzing arts scene. Perth's got a bit of everything for every kind of traveller.  From exploring Kings Park and cruising the streets of Fremantle to kicking back on pristine beaches – Perth all about soaking up the natural beauty and diving into the local culture.

Image: Tourism Western Australia


What’s the best way to explore Perth and its surroundings?

When it comes to soaking up everything Perth has to offer, the best way to do it is by hitting the road in a Cheapa Campa. It's not just a set of wheels; it's your home on the move, giving you the freedom to explore at your own pace. Just pick up your campervan from our Cheapa Perth branch, and you’re good to go.


Top 10 budget-friendly things to do in Perth

Looking for some cool things to do in Perth that won't break the bank? We've rounded up a bunch of budget-friendly options to make sure your trip is not just awesome but easy on the wallet. We've got the lowdown on making the most of your Perth adventure without splurging.


1. Stroll through Kings Park and Botanic Garden

Want to be surrounded by nature without going too far from the city? Kings Park and Botanic Garden is the place to be. It's just a quick 10-minute drive from downtown in your trusty Cheapa Campa. This spot gives you both nature vibes and awesome views of Perth and the Swan River. Take your time exploring the cool treetop walkways. 

Pack a picnic to save on lunch. There's easy parking right at the entrance for your campervan. So, grab your camera, and some snacks, and get ready for a day of nature and awesome views – all without spending heaps of cash. It's a great way to start your Perth adventure.


2. Visit the Art Gallery of Western Australia

Head over to the Art Gallery of Western Australia – just a quick 5-minute drive from the city centre. This cultural hub showcases a diverse collection of indigenous and contemporary art. Spend a few hours diving into the artistic world or make it a day-long affair – the choice is yours. Whether you opt for street parking or designated lots near the Art Gallery, your Cheapa Campa ensures a smooth transition from motorhome to the art scene. So, let the Art Gallery of Western Australia add a cultural flair to your Perth adventure.


3. Unwind at Scarborough Beach

Time to swap art for some sandy shores! Head to Scarborough Beach with an easy 20-minute drive from the city centre in your Cheapa Campa. Whether you're into swimming, surfing, or just lazing on the beach, Scarborough has it all. 

It's a hub of beach vibes, and getting there in your motorhome is a breeze. Beachfront parking spots are ready and waiting, making it super convenient to unload your beach essentials straight from your Cheapa Campa. Scarborough Beach is not just a beach – it's a whole vibe. From seaside cafes to the lively atmosphere, it's the perfect spot to unwind and soak in that coastal lifestyle.

Image: Tourism Western Australia


4. Explore Elizabeth Quay

Cruise over to Elizabeth Quay with a short 10-minute drive from the city. Take your time exploring the vibrant waterfront and its attractions. Elizabeth Quay is a blend of modern architecture and serene waterways, and it's all just a short ride away. When it comes to parking, no worries – there are plenty of options around Elizabeth Quay. Your Cheapa Campa gives you the flexibility to park up and seamlessly transition from motorhome to the lively quayside. 

With a mix of dining, entertainment, and public art, Elizabeth Quay offers a little something for everyone. Whether you prefer a scenic stroll along the promenade or want to hop on a river cruise, Elizabeth Quay is a cool spot to explore.


5. Stroll through Fremantle's historic streets

Head to Fremantle with a breezy 30-minute drive from Perth in your Cheapa Campa. Immerse yourself in the well-preserved charm of Fremantle for a half-day or full-day adventure. The historic streets, vibrant markets, and quirky cafes make Fremantle a super cool destination.

Parking your motorhome is a breeze, with designated areas allowing you to explore the streets, markets, and cafes on foot. Fremantle offers lots of parking options, ensuring convenience as you dive into its rich history and culture. Explore the history, visit Fremantle Prison, and soak in the vibe of the Fremantle Markets. With your Cheapa Campa as your base, it's the best way to experience the heart of Fremantle.


6. Explore the Perth Cultural Centre

Swing by the Perth Cultural Centre, just a quick 5-minute jaunt from the city centre. Dive into this artsy hub and spend a couple of hours checking out cool museums and exhibitions. The Perth Cultural Centre is like a melting pot of artistic and educational goodness, and it's just a short hop away. 

While some exhibits might have an entry fee, lots of areas of the Cultural Centre are totally free. Parking is a breeze, with easy options scattered around the Perth Cultural Centre. Your motorhome gives you the freedom to dive into the cultural scene without any fuss.


7. Marvel at the Bell Tower

Time to shake things up? Cruise your Cheapa Campa for about 10 minutes from the city and land at the iconic Bell Tower. Spend an hour or two exploring this cool spot and soaking in breathtaking views of the Swan River. The Bell Tower isn't just a historic gem; it's a symbol of Perth's interesting culture. Climb to the top for epic views of the city and the river, and make sure to snap a few pics for the 'gram.


8. Peruse Murray Street

Dive into shopping, grab a bite, and catch some street performances for a few hours. Murray Street is Perth's shopping haven, with everything from fancy stores to quirky spots. Parking your motorhome is a breeze, with spots scattered around Murray Street. It's a chill spot that lets you easily switch from shopping to grabbing a bite. Murray Street is a shopper's dream. Explore the cool boutiques, big-name stores, and funky shops lining the street. And when it's time for a breather, hit one of the cafes for a quick recharge.


9. Have a picnic at Matilda Bay

Unwind and enjoy a picnic by the bay for a relaxing afternoon. Matilda Bay sets the scene for a peaceful getaway with views of the Swan River. Finding a parking spot near Matilda Bay is a breeze, which means you can easily explore the beautiful surroundings straight from your motorhome. Matilda Bay is an ideal spot for a chill afternoon. Lay out a picnic blanket, take in the riverside views, and maybe even take a stroll along the bay.


10. Relax at Cottesloe Beach

Take your Cheapa Campa for a spin, about 20 minutes from Perth, and you'll hit the iconic Cottesloe Beach. Soak up the sun, ride the waves, and just chill by the ocean for a few hours or the whole day. Cottesloe Beach is your spot for that easy-breezy beach life. Parking your motorhome is a breeze near Cottesloe Beach, making it super easy to dive into the golden sands and the inviting waves. Cottesloe Beach is like a dream – whether you're all about sunbathing, a quick dip, or catching the sunset magic.


Budget-Friendly holiday parks in Perth

We've got the lowdown on the best budget-friendly holiday parks in town. Get set for a comfy night's sleep without the price tag stress. 

Image: Tourism Western Australia


BIG4 Perth Midland Tourist Park

If you’re looking for a spot close to Swan Valley's good stuff, BIG4 Perth Midland Tourist Park is where it's at. Just a skip from the city, this place not only gets you in nature's groove but also super close to Swan Valley's wineries and art scenes. Imagine this: a day of wine sipping and art vibes, then cruising back to your Cheapa Campa at BIG4. Toss some snags on the BBQ, kick back, and soak in the good times under the stars. It's your laid-back oasis with all the cool perks. 


Discovery Parks - Perth Airport

Touching down in Perth and on the hunt for a laid-back spot for your Cheapa Campa? Discovery Parks - Perth Airport is the ticket. Affordable, easy, and no fuss – it's the go-to for a relaxed stay that won't empty your wallet. Just a quick hop from the city and the airport, Discovery Parks is the perfect pause for your Perth journey. They've got the extras like BBQ spots and chill zones, so you can just kick back and get ready for whatever's next.


Explore Perth and beyond with Cheapa

There you have it – your ultimate guide to a budget-friendly trip in Perth. From strolling through Kings Park to unwinding at Cottesloe Beach, we've mapped out the coolest spots that won't break the bank. Pack your sense of adventure, load up your Cheapa Campa, and hit the road! 

Whether you're exploring cultural hubs, lazing on pristine beaches, or discovering historic streets, your budget-friendly Perth adventure awaits. Remember, it's the same holiday, just a little Cheapa. Book your Cheapa Campa today.

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